Our Mission

We create an environment for Veterans and their families to better themselves financially once they are honorably discharged from any of the Armed Services.

We do that by…

1) Providing great-paying high-wage jobs working directly with our Foundation as a coach, admin staffer, or as a digital publisher while they work from their own remote location with a WiFi connection and a digital device. Participants have a choice of working directly with us as employees or as independent contractors;

2) Providing free Digital Literacy training and support in the setup and establishment of an online digital publishing business that the Veteran will wholly own and operate. This is a great way for any veteran, struggling to socially integrate into a corporate environment, to work for themselves from their own home.

We understand that many Veterans and their loved ones struggle to find their new “Mission” in life after the military. Our Mission is to make sure they have one too.

Proud For Veterans is a division of The Proud Foundation Incorporated, a 13 year old Non-Profit 501 (C)(3) charitable organization dedicated to help people from all walks of life realize their dreams.