How We Serve

Our foundation, The Proud Foundation, does not sell anything.

Instead we provide FREE job training, FREE business-building training, and FREE hands-on step-by-step guidance to anyone that wants to generate a life-changing income stream.

Of particular interest and pride for us is our “Proud Veterans Sharing Success” jobs program. Many veterans want to help other people.. This program not only teaches them “how to do it themselves”, it offers them a job coaching their peers one-on-one once their training is complete. 

We are constantly developing and testing a variety of business methods that can then be used as models to empower anyone to generate the same thing on their own.

The income generated from our donations and business activities are then directed to our good works - to accomplishing our Mission - empowering the individual to become financially and emotionally independent.

By operating an online business model, we are able to work with people all over the world. All they need is a computer and a connection to the internet.

This makes it possible for anyone that needs a job, wants to build a full or part-time independently-owned business, or wants to simply make a livable-income to participate with us.

We directly employ highly capable people in an administrative and support functions while also working with individuals on an independent contract basis. We provide the on-the-job training so that they can begin making an income as they go.

If their desire is to build a business for themselves, we provide the training and ongoing-support and assistance every step of the way as they build that business as they train. When the training is finished, they are left with an existing online business generating a life-supporting income that they can be “Proud” of.

The confidence that they gain during the process lifts them emotionally as well as financially.