Who We Serve

The Proud Foundation serves anyone that simply wants a chance to uplift themselves emotionally and financially.

Specifically through Proud For Veterans, we are focusing on any person that is honorably-discharged from any of the military branches that either cannot find a job in the civilian sector, wants to build their own business, or who lacks the confidence and knowledge to take that next important step in transitioning from the military.

For many veterans, their extreme service and sacrifice for their country left them with many emotional and physical scars that make this transition difficult, sometimes impossible.

Through Proud For Veterans, we offer financial education assistance plus the tools to build a stable income for any veteran AND any member of their family. We don’t just feed with a fish, we teach how to fish. We view our purpose here as making sure that you know how to uplift yourself financially long after we step out of the picture.

If you or someone you know would like to talk with us about that kind of help and support, please send us a confidential email to help@proud.com. We will quickly contact you for a private consultation.

We are your friends. We understand. We care. And we can help.